About WakeHacks 2021

About WakeHacks 2021

WakeHacks is an annual event hosted by the Wake Forest University Department of Computer Science. Taking place in the Spring, we come together to create amazing stuff with nothing but our wits, our brains, and lots of caffeine.

This year, we’ve chosen a theme of “New Solutions to Old Problems” to inspire the teams. What kind of lofty projects will this engender? Join us to find out! And if you already have some ideas, register now!

We are also playing around with the concept of the hackathon a bit by establishing one special track from the get-go. The Blockchain & Cultural Property project will be composed of members from other departments and professional schools in the university. So if Solidity and smart contracts are your thing, definitely check it out. You’ll be working with art history, anthropology and law students to code solutions to some very old problems.